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Expansion of houses in new rooms is satisfaction and a sense of a higher standard, regardless of whether it will be a kitchen, living room or even a home office.

We provide full attic conversions from attic stairs, spray foam insulations, and interiors including decor such as flooring, painting, fixtures, bathroom fittings, etc. Depending on the structure of the roof, you can adapt the attic and turn it into an apartment. Adapting an attic at an affordable price and in most cases, you do not need a building permit. See how easy it is to expand your home and enjoy a larger area!

Our Recent Projects

Attic Conversion in Sandyford
Sandyford, Dublin 18
Dormer complete at Castelknoc
Castelknoc, Dublin
Dormer complete at Sword
Sword, Dublin
Attic Conversion complete at Kilcock Dublin
Dormer drawings done for another project
Full extension done at Lucan
Lucan, Dublin
Attic Conversion complete at Dublin 4
Dublin 4, Dublin
Attic Conversion complete at Kilcock
Kilcock, Dublin
Dormer complete at Lucan
Lucan, Dublin
Attic complete at Enfield
Enfield, Dublin
Dormer Complete at Sandyfort
Sandyfort, Dublin
Attic Conversion Done at Strafan
Strafan, Dublin

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