Amazing Home Renovation Transforms a Dusty Attic Into a perfect space

13 January, 2021

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Many of us wish we had more closet space. Just a couple of extra feet would do wonders for keeping all of our belongings at bay. A couple of homeowners in Maryland had this thought, but they dreamed bigger. Rodolfo Cabrera saw his unused attic and had the vision to transform it into a lavish closet space complete with plenty of shelving and seating. The before-and-after photos are striking and will likely make you a little envious if you find your own closet space is lacking.

Cabrera was well equipped to take on his own attic renovation, as he is the owner of Remodeling & Design LLC. Working with his team, they completed everything themselves and documented the progress.

The project began with a good cleaning. “They had to clean out the attic since it was very dusty from never being used,” Cabrera’s daughter, Joserin, tells My Modern Met. Once the closet was cleared, Cabrera and his team got to work doing the basic framing and electricity. “Then they moved onto building the walls and getting those ready for the paint and shelves.” The crew later put in the LED lighting, built-in shelving, and other storage options. “The last thing they did was install the laminate floor,” Joserin explains. Furniture from a bedroom was moved upstairs to furnish the space and give it a cozy feel.

Building the closet was the easier part of the entire endeavor—the stairs proved more challenging. They are a floating style, which along with the open entry to the attic allows the bedroom and closet to visually flow into one another. But because they float and only attach to the wall on the right, there had to be ample support given to that side of the staircase.

All told, the project took three weeks to complete and cost between 25,000 and 30,000. But the cost of having a fabulous place to keep clothing? Priceless.

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